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About Principal


Dhulipalla Venkata Rao

Parents: Adinarayana,      Smt.Rajya Lakshmi

Official Address: Principal,
QISCET, Vengamukkapalem, Ongole- 523 272
Andhra Pradesh (India),
Mobile: +91-94419-16190

Permanent Address: Dhulipalla Venkata Rao S/o Adinarayana Jagarlamudivari palem, Muppavaram (PO) J panguluru(mandal), Prakasam dist AP- 523261


Nationality: Indian, Religion: Hindu
Date of Birth: 08th Feb, 1971

Educational Qualifications

S.No. Qualification University/Institution Dept. Specialization Year of Completion
1 PhD JNTU, Hyderabad ECE Signal and Image Processing 2008
2 M.Tech JNTU College of Engg., Hyderabad DSCE 1999
3 AMIE Institution of Engineers (India) ECE 1992

Total Experience: 22+ Years

Administrative Experience

S.No. Administrative Post held Duration Place
1 Principal Nov 2018 to till date QISCET, Ongole
2 Principal May 2012 to Oct 2018 Narasaraopeta Inst. of  Technology
3 Principal April 2010 to April 2012 PPD College of Engg & Technology
4 HOD, ECE  Nov 2007 to April 2010 Vignan Engg. college/University


Asst. Professor


Teaching Asst.

Dec 2005 to Oct 2007

Mar 2001 to Dec 2005

Aug 1999 to Feb 2001

July 1997 to Jan 1998

Bapatla Engg. College Bapatla
6 Asst. Lecturer Jan 1995 to Jan 1998 CR Polytechnic college


  • Achievements
  • Publications: Published 35 research papers in International, National journals, and presented in reputed conferences.
    • Build charts
    • Use conditional formatting
    • Help identify trends
    • Bring data together
  • Grants Received from AICTE:      
    • S.No Scheme Title Sanctioned Amount and year
      1 RPS

      Image Registration

      Algorithms for Brain Images
      9.00 lakhs , 2009
      2 MODROBS ECAD Laboratory 13.0 lakhs, 2009
  • PhD Scholars Guided:
    S.No Research Scholar Name Title of the thesis University, Year of award
    1 Ch.Subramanyam

    A novel approach for No- Reference Quality assessment of JPEG 2000 Images and H.264 Videos based on Human Visual System

    Vignan university, 2016
    2 L.Koteswara Rao

    Local Extrema Patterns For

    Content Based Image Retrieval
    JNTUH, 2017
    3 Ch.Sreenivasa Rao

    Computational Power optimization of 3D virtual audio techniques on

    DSP and GPU platforms
    KLU, 2017
  • PhD scholars presently working:
    S.No Name Area of work University
    1 Sk.Mastan sharif

    Signal processing

    2 Altaf Hussain

    Image processing

    3 P J Reginald

    Wireless Networks

    4 M.Lenin Babu Image processing JNTUK
    5 P.suresh babu Image processing JNTUK
    6 Chiluka Ramesh Babu Image processing KLU
  • One of the reviewer for the prestigious Journal "Real Time of Image Processing", Springer.
  • One of the reviewer for the prestigious Journal "Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems" Journal.
  • Membership - Professional societies
  • Member, Doctoral Review Committee (DRC), School of Electronics, Vignan University.
  • Member, Board of Studies, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Bapatla Engineering College (Autonomous), Bapatla.
  • Member, Technical committee International Conference on Software Technology and Engineering 2009. 
  • Member, Technical committee, 6th IEEE International Advance Computing Conference (IACC-2016) , February 2016 , Organized by IEEE Computer Society India Council.
  • Member, Technical Committee, 2nd International Conference on "Electrical Electronics Instrumentation and Computer Communication" (E2IC2 '2015) on 18th and 19th December 2015. Organized by Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore.
  • Member, Technical Committee, First International Conference on "Electrical Electronics Instrumentation and Computer Communication" (E2IC2 '2015) on 12th and 13th of December 2014. Organized by Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore.
  • Fellow of Institution of Engineers(India) Fellowship No: FIE- F-116493
  • Publications
International Journals

Ch.Sreeinivasa Rao, D.Venkata Rao Partitioned convolution analysis of stereo inputs based three channel OSD on parallel computing platforms using OpenCL”, International Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 7, Issue 6, Jan 2016, ISSN NO. 0975-4024.

2 Sk.Mastan Sharif, D.Venkata Rao et al., “Effective Adaptive Algorithm Technique for Acoustic Echo Cancellation” International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, Vol. 11,No.9(2016), pp 37-384.
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6 Ch.Sreeinivasa Rao, D.Venkata Rao, “An Efficient Implementing Solution for 3 channel Optimum Source Distribution with Stereo Inputs”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Reserach , Vol 10, Issue 1, Jan 2015, ISSN No. 0973-4562.
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National Journals
1 Chesti Altaff Hussain, D.Venkata Rao,S Aruna Mastani, “  Wavelet  Transform  based  Image Retrieval System by Using Interactive Genetic Algorithm”,  Annual  Technical Volume, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Division Board, IEI India, 2016 .
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International Conferences
1 P.J.Reginald and D.Venkata Rao , „Simulation based Comparaision of Vampire attacks on Traditional Manet routing Protocols‟ at ICT4SD 2016 (Springer) July 1-2 Panaji, Goa.
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National Conferences
1 P.J.Reginald and D.Venkata Rao” Simulation Based Performance Analysis of AODV and AOMDV at National Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics and Electrical Engineering" (NCRTEEE 2011) held at Medi-Caps Institute  of  Technology and Management Indore, on 14th may 2011.
2 P.J.Reginald and D.Venkata Rao “Performance comparison of On demand reactive protocols for MANET” at AICTE sponsored National conference in Emerging Technological trends NCETT-2010 March 19-20,2010, Bhopal.
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  • Book Chapter
  • D.Venkata Rao, L.Pratap Reddy, “Image Quality Assessment Based on Weighted Perceptual Features”, “Machine Interpretation of patterns, Image analysis and data mining”, Statistical Science and inter disciplinary research, vol-11, pp 29-55,World scientific publishers‟ , June 2010.

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