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ECE Labs
Name of the Laboratory Space / # students Practical Course Equipment
EDC -I99Sq mt/ 36EDCCROs-10 nos
Function Generators-10nos
Communication99Sq mt/ 36AC & DCAnalog communications Kits,
Digital Communication Kits,
IC/PDC99Sq mt/ 36PDC & IC lab ExperimentsCROs-10Nos,
RPS-10 Nos,
Function Generators-10Nos
Micro Processor132Sq mt / 36ECA & Micro Processor experimentsComputers-32,
8085 Microprocessors Kits ??? 16,
8051 Microcontrollers Kits ??? 16,
Interfacing kits ??? 20 Nos.
DSP99Sq mt/ 36ECAD & DSP experimentsComputers ??? 35,
Matlab- Licenced Software,
Xilinx software.
Microwave99Sq mt/ 36Microwave & Optical experimentsAntenna systems,
Micro wave Benches-4nos,
Gunn diode benches-2no,
Network analyzer-1no,
Spectrum analyzer-1no,
Fiber optics,
RPs- 2no.
EDC -II99Sq mt/ 36EDC experimentsCROs-15nos,
RPS-15 Nos,
Function Generators-15nos,
PG / R& D99Sq mt/ 36PG and R&D experimentsComputers-70nos,
Medical Image Software licenced
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